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Welcome to “My Mexican Candy”, this is an online Candy Store where you can find different kinds of popular and typical Mexican Candies and some Mexican supplies for your parties. We have more than three hundred variations of candy on our inventory that are ready for delivery directly to your door!

In our large selection of products, you can find Mexican lollipops such as the popular Chupa Chups or the Rebanaditas Watermelon or Mango Flavor, you can also find sour candies or spicy candies like Pelonetes Or seasoning chili powders like “Tajin”.

We provide services selling by case at a competitive price with discount purchasing options for our popular Mexican brands such as Lucas, Vero, De la Rosa, Hershey, Candy Pop and others.

To open an account send us an email requesting our product list and a scanned copy of business license or W-9. 

And if you don’t find what you are looking for here, you can fill a request form or contact us so we can do everything to fulfill your requirement.

Check our variety of products , excellent customer service and try the sweet taste of Mexico at My Mexican Candy!

Don´t hesitate to contact us.

Hablamos Español.

Isaac Sanchez