Sour candies are one of the most popular candies among Mexicans thanks to the delicious sour or sometimes bittersweet flavor with which it is mixed. This delicious flavor is made mainly thanks to the combination of lemon and salt, and is sometimes accompanied by the spicy touch of chili powder that ends up leaving a subtle tingle on your taste buds.

  • Package with 392 grams of delicious small, round and tasty candied sweets known as "Pecositas" from the brand "Ricolino".

    Ricolino Pecositas 392 grs

    This is the new delicious candy from the well-known mexican brand of candies "Ricolino". The sweet is known as "Pecositas" and they are small candied sweets full of sweet, frutal, and delicious flavors such as blueberry, strawberry and others...

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  • This is a delicious liquid seasoning sauce made with the rich essences of chamoy and tamarind.

    Navolato Chamoy-Tamarindo Salsa 1 Ltr

    This is a delicious seasoning sauces flavored with the frutal and fresh essences of chamoy and tamarind pulp as well as delicious hints of spicy chili powder that gives it that touch to enance it's flavor. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate...

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  • This are delicious and bittersweet fruity powders that melt on your moth and leave traces of delicious flavors. The granulated and sugary powders come inside of large plastic tubes and the package contains around sixty individually wrapped pieces.

    Safari Gira-Powder 60-Pieces Pack

    The "GiraPowder" by the mexican brand of candies "Safari" are delicious, thin and light sugary powders full of sweet, cloying flavors and beautiful colorful tones such as red, blue, yellow, green and others. Any of this colors belong to a diferent...

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  • This is a rich liquid sauce of with the sour touch of green apples that leaves stubble tingles on your mouth as well as the intense fruity and bittersweet flavor. Package with ten individually packed small bottles of sour liquid sauce known as "Gusano" from the well-known brand of candies "Lucas".

    Lucas Gusano Sour 10-Piece Pack

    "Gusano Sour" is a delicious acidic liquid sauce from the mexican brand of candies "Lucas". This rich liquid sauce comes with the delicious fruity flavors of green apples and touches of sourness that will leave subtle tingles on your taste buds...

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  • The Lucas Muecas is a delicious hard candy lollipop flavored with the fruity essence of green apples and accompanied with a tasty sugary seasoning with sour flavors and grainy textures.

    Lucas Muecas Sour 10-Piece Pack

    The mexican brand "Lucas" brings the new tasty hard candy lollipop known as "Muecas", which is one of the most popular candies between mexicans. This delicious hard caramel lollipop is flavored with the rich essence of green apples and contains a...

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  • This are delicious hard candies flavored with the acidic touches of lemon. The small candies are known as Selz Soda and they create an amazing effervescent sensation once they're in your mouth. Package with one hundred individually wrapped pieces of hard candies with acidic lemon flavors and fizzy subtle sensations.

    Selz Soda 100-Pieces Pack

    This hard candy caramels are known as the "Selz Soda" candies with the delicious acidic flavor of lemon juice and the amazing tingling and fizzy feeling that the candies leave on top of your mouth. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate product...

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