Rim Dips

This new category contains every single product from My Mexican Candy that works as a rich dip sauce fro snacks, fruits, vegetables and even a couple of delicious drinks. The products have the most delightful combonations of flavors such as mango, tamarind, watermelon and many others, as well as the most known flavor for Mexicans...Spicy.

  • This is a delicious liquid seasoning sauce made with the rich essences of chamoy and tamarind.

    Navolato Chamoy-Tamarindo Salsa 1 Ltr

    This is a delicious seasoning sauces flavored with the frutal and fresh essences of chamoy and tamarind pulp as well as delicious hints of spicy chili powder that gives it that touch to enance it's flavor. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate...

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  • The "Chamoy" by the mexican brand "Navolato" is a delicious sauce with chamoy and plum flavors as well as a light touch of spiciness that is well mixed with the gooey consistecy.

    Navolato Chamoy-Ciruela Sauce 1 ltr

    Navolato brings the rich liquid sauce made of the tasty fruity essences of Chamoy and the sweet flavors of plums. This sauce has a couple touches of spicy chili powder that will enance the flavors of any kind of fruit, vegetables or snack that you want...

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  • This is a delicious gooey sauce that you can put on top of your chips, fruits, vegetables and any snack you want. The rich flavors of the Navolato sauce are chamoy and tropical mango with a touch of spicy chili powder.

    Navolato Chamoy-Mango Sauce 1 ltr

    The new mexican sauce from the mexican brand "Navolato" is a liquid sauce flavored with the rich essence of Chamoy and the fruity and tropical flavor of Mangoes. This tasty sauce is the perfect seasoning for all your fruits vegetables, snacks, chips and...

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  • This is one of the most delicious gooey sauces with the tasty combination of chamoy and fresh pineapple and some slight touches of spicy chili powder.

    Navolato Chamoy-Piña Sauce 1 ltr

    This is a delicious mexican sauce made by the brand "Navolato". The rich flavors of this tasty sauce are a delicious combination of chamoy and pineapple which gives it a bittersweet flavor. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate product...

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  • This is a spicy sauce from the wel-known brand "Zumba Pica", known as "Forritos". The liquid consistency of the sauce is flavored with rich chamoy pulp and a touch of spiciness.

    Zumba Forritos Pulpa Chamoy 36oz

    The "Zumba Forritos" is a tasty and delicious sauce that contains a fruity, bittersweet and spicy flavor thank to the chamoy pulp with which is made. This sauce that belongs to the "Zumba Pica" brand can be put on any fruit like apples, pears, watermelon...

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  • Delicious bottle full of a gooey caramel and sugary sauce made with flavored chamoy pulp. This is a sauce perfect to accompany your fruits, snacks, chips or drinks if you want to give then a tasty bittersweet and spicy flavor.

    Miguelito Escarchamoy Pulpa 980 gr

    The Miguelito brand is very known thanks to the tasty and spicy products that it has suchs as this delicious spicy, granulated and sugary caramel that contanins the fruity essence of tamarind pulp and the flavor of chamoy. The rich chili powder gooey mix...

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  • Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz

    Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz

    The "Tajin" is a delicious and spicy chili powder with a tiny touch of lemon and salt that brings you a tingly sensation to your taste buds. This rich Tajin Sprinkler Chili Powder is perfect to put over your snacks, drinks or fruits such as strawberries,...

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