The mango is a delicious tropical fruit that comes of asian origins and that is filled with an exquisite flavor as well as many nutritional qualities. The rich mango fruit is one of the few tropical products that are used to give flavors to the different foods and candies of the world. This delicious flavory candies are often mixed with the spicyness of chili powder, lemon and salt or other fruity flavors such as tamarind.

  • Delicious gummy known as "Manguito" with the tropical essence of a mango as well as its notorious shape.

    Lucky Manguitos 8 Kg

    The well-known brand of candies "Lucky" brings its newest presentation of delicious gummies. This gummy is better known as "Manguito" thanks not only to its flavors but to the curious shape that it has of a real mango. Disclaimer While we strive to...

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  • Package with 400 grams of delicious mango flavored pieces of candies that have the tastiest and most tropical flavor.

    Tipicos Trocitos Mango 400 grs

    Delicious pieces of mango flavored candies that comes with a touch of spiciness and a bittersweet taste in it, that will make mouthwatering anyone who tries them. This candies are from the well-known mexican brand of candies "Dulces Tipicos" and contain...

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  • Delicious package with three fruity flavored hard candy lollipops. That have a touch of spiciness.

    Vero Combo Mix 5-Pieces Pack

    Delicious bag with a 5 pieces per pack candies. This are delicious assorted caramel candies with flavors such as mango, watermelon and tamarind that have a sweet, fruity and spicy touch in it. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate product...

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  • Package with 24 pieces of the delicious "Martillo" candy from the well-known brand "El Leon".

    El Leon Martillo Mango 4-Pieces Pack

    The "Martillo Mango" from the mexican brand of candies "El Leon" is a delicious mexican candy made with caramel, sugar and a delicious fruity mango flavored pulp that gives it the rich touch of tropical flavors that everyone loves so much. This mexican...

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  • Package with 1 kg of delicious mango flavored gummies from the well-known and popular brand of candies "Chompy's".

    Chompys "Manguito" Gummies 1 kg

    This are some delicious jelly gummies from the well known brand of candies "Chompy's". This new product come with the rich semi spongy and chewy textures as any gummy as well as the delicious fruity flavors of "Mangoes" with the special mexican touch of...

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  • This is a delicious gooey sauce that you can put on top of your chips, fruits, vegetables and any snack you want. The rich flavors of the Navolato sauce are chamoy and tropical mango with a touch of spicy chili powder.

    Navolato Chamoy-Mango Sauce 1 ltr

    The new mexican sauce from the mexican brand "Navolato" is a liquid sauce flavored with the rich essence of Chamoy and the fruity and tropical flavor of Mangoes. This tasty sauce is the perfect seasoning for all your fruits vegetables, snacks, chips and...

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  • This are small ball-shaped jelly gummies flavored with the rich fruity and tropical essence of mango and covered in a thin layers of spicy chili powder. Package with twenty delicious and individually wrapped pices of small mango flavored gummies by the well-known mexican brand of candies "Zumba Pica".

    Zumba Pica Goma Mango 20-Pieces Pack

    This delicious candy known as "Goma" is a jelly gummy flavored with the rich essence of mangoes and with a thin layer of spicy chili powder in it's surface. The gummy is a small ball wrapped with a piece of cellophane that contains everysingle piece of...

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