Chili Powder

Chili powder is made from a single variety of dried ground chile (chile en polvo). There are a delicious variety of fruity flavors in small packets or combined with lollipops. . One of the traditional combinations of Mexican candies: hot and sweet…acidulated. Chili powder is good to put on top of fruits as seasoning or enjoy it straight from the packets.

  • Delicious grainy bittersweet powders flavored with the fruity essence of oranges. Package with 100 pieces of delicious sugary powders flavored with fruity essences such as orange.

    Anahuac Burbusoda 100-Pieces Pack

    Delicious new product of the Mexican candy brand "Anahuac". This new product is a delicious sugary powder with sweet and sour and fruity flavors like orange as well as grainy textures. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate product information,...

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  • This are delicious and bittersweet fruity powders that melt on your moth and leave traces of delicious flavors. The granulated and sugary powders come inside of large plastic tubes and the package contains around sixty individually wrapped pieces.

    Safari Gira-Powder 60-Pieces Pack

    The "GiraPowder" by the mexican brand of candies "Safari" are delicious, thin and light sugary powders full of sweet, cloying flavors and beautiful colorful tones such as red, blue, yellow, green and others. Any of this colors belong to a diferent...

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  • The Miguelito brand of candies brings it's newest flavor in this bottle of watermelon flavored chili powder full of 980 grams of sugary and spicy powder. The perfect condiment to put on top of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Miguelito Polvo Bote Sandia 980 grms

    This is a rich chili powder watermelon flavored from the well-known mexican brand of candies "Miguelito". The tasty chili powder is made with some grains of fine sugar, touches of sourness, watermelon fruity essence and particles of chili powder that...

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  • "Guacamaya" is one of the most popular and most used spicy liquid sauces in Mexico. This rich product works as a seasoning for all kinds of food like fruits, vegetables, snacks, chips and even some drinks. One delicious liter of the most popular spicy liquid sauce of Mexico, known as the "Guacamaya" sauce or salsa picante.

    Guacamaya Salsa Picante 1 Ltr

    Guacamaya is one of the most popular and spiciest mexican liquid sauces that you can taste. This rich sauce has a liquid consistency and a Hot level of spiciness that your fruits, vegetables and snacks are going to love. Disclaimer While we strive to...

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  • The original and sweetest powder from the well-known mexican brand Miguelito. This is a sweet chamoy and tamarind fruit essence flavored powder, perfect to sprinkle anything you wanna taste like fruits, vegetables, candies, snacks, drinks or anything on your mind.

    Miguelito Polvo Tamarindo 980 grm

    The well known brand Miguelito has this delicious and sweet powder flavored with the fruity essence of tamarind. The best of the rich sweet powder is that you can use it to enance the flavor of different fruits and snacks as well as enjoy it on its own...

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  • The Miguelito brand brings its newets product made with a sweet and fruity flavor that makes everyone mouth water. This is a delicious sugary and sweet powder flavored with the fruity and tropical flavor of Mango.

    Miguelito Polvo Mango 980 grm

    This is a delicious and fruity powder flavored with tropical essence of mango that belongs to the popular Miguelito brand. You can sprinkle some of this sweet and sour powder on your fruits, vegetables, chips, candies, lollipops, snacks and some drinks...

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  • Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz

    Tajin Escarchador 4.23 oz

    The "Tajin" is a delicious and spicy chili powder with a tiny touch of lemon and salt that brings you a tingly sensation to your taste buds. This rich Tajin Sprinkler Chili Powder is perfect to put over your snacks, drinks or fruits such as strawberries,...

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