Since Mexico is responsible for introducing the joys of chocolate to the world, thanks to the Aztecs, you might assume that Mexicans chocolate candies are delightful. You can find the authentic and traditional Mexican milk chocolate bars, delicious marshmallow lollipop covered with chocolate, and other unique chocolate combinations. 

  • Delicious candied candies made of tasty dark chocolate and layers of sugary caramel with semi-crunchy textures. This small chocolates are known as "Huevitos Pintos" by the mexican brand of candies "Corona".

    Corona Huevito "Pinto" - 500 grams

    The mexican brand of candies "Corona" brings the newest candies made of dark and sweet chocolate with a delicious cover of sugary caramel. This little chocolates are known as the "Huevito Pinto" or in english as the "Pinto Little Egg". Disclaimer While...

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  • The "Nucitas" are delicious creamy and soft consistecies with the rich flavors of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. This popular candies belong to the well-known brand of candies "Nutresa".

    Nutresa Nucita Trisabor 16-Pieces Pack

    This mexican candy is known as the "Nucita" in its tri-flavor presentation, from the brand of candies "Nutresa". The candy is a soft, gooey, creamy and cloying consistesy that is flavored with the essences of vanilla, hazelnut/chocolate and strawberry...

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  • The Kinder Joy from the well-known brand "Ferrero" are delicious crunchy cocoa waffer balls mix with soft and creamy milky chocolate cream.

    Ferrero Kinder Joy Niña 3-Pieces

    This is a delicious and soft white chocolate cream with a gooey texture and a cloying flavor as well as some small cocoa waffer bites that gives to the candy a rich touch of crunchiness that mixes perfectly with the creamy chocolate candy known as Kinder...

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  • Three piece package with delicious crispy cocoa waffer balls and soft and creamy milky chocolate cream by the brand of candies "Ferrero" in it's line of candies "Kinder Delice".

    Ferrero Kinder Joy Niño 3-Pieces

    The new candy known as "Kinder Joy Niño 72" is part of the most popular brand of candies "Ferrero". This delicious sweet is a tasty chocolate with a creamy consistency and a crunchy touch on it's center that will give you an amazing combination of...

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  • The "Fireball" are delicious dark chocolates filled with liquour "Fireball" whisky. This is a delicacy full of intense flavors and melting sensations that leaves touches of flavory essences.

    Turin Fireball 200 grs

    Delicious and small dark bittersweet chocolate filled with a tasty licorice caramel known as "Fireball". This rich chocolates are part of the well-known brand "Turin" and are the newest presentation that they have to offer you. "CAUTION: Contains...

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  • This are delicious candied chocolate candies covered with really this and colorful sugary covers known as "Lunetas" from the Ricolino mexican brand. Twelve pieces of package full of colorful candies chocolates known as Lunetas. This delcious candies have a rich dark chocolate center and a tasty sugary layer.

    Ricolino Lunetas 500 grms

    The "Lunetas" are part f the mexican brand of well-known candies "Ricolino". This are small very tiny chocolate sprinkles covered with a thin layer of hard caramel that comes with the sweetess flavor and the most beautifull and colorful combination of...

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  • Delicious and spongy marshmallow lollipops covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate and sugary gummies. Package with ten individually packed marshmallow lollipops. The "Paleta Payaso" comes with sweet marshmallow and chocolate and small gummies.

    Ricolino Paleta Payaso 10-Piece Pack

    The Clown Lollipop better known in spanish as "Paleta Payaso" from the popular mexican brand of candies "Ricolino", is a delicious marshmallow lollipop covered with a thin layer of sweet dark chocolate and some sugary gummies on top. This tasty lollipop...

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