• Delicious cookies with strawberry jelly, marshmallow and sweet dark chocolate.

    Gamesa Flipy 10-Pieces Pack

    The "Gamesa" well-known brand of little desserts brings the newest adition known as "Flipy". This is a delicious cookie with an spongy marshmallow and some strawberry jelly on top. All this tasty...

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  • The "Mamut" is a delicious crunchy cookie that is filled with a fluffy marshmallow and covered in a thin, sweet layer of rich dark chocolate. Package with eight individual pieces of the delicious chocolate cover and marshmallow fill cookie known as "Mamut" from the well-known mexican brand of candies "Gamesa".

    Gamesa Mamut 8-Pieces Pack

    The "Mamut" from the mexican brand "Gamesa", is one of the most popular and delicious candies that mexicans love so much. This is a delicious layered cookie that has marshmallow fillings between its...

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