You can enjoy sweet and with chili gummies. They are in different shapes like straws,mango, and pineapple. You will love the chewy texture of the candy and their delicious combination of flavors. There are different flavors like orange, grape, lemon, mango, strawberry and pineapple.

  • Package with 400 grams of delicious mango flavored pieces of candies that have the tastiest and most tropical flavor.

    Tipicos Trocitos Mango 400 grs

    Delicious pieces of mango flavored candies that comes with a touch of spiciness and a bittersweet taste in it, that will make mouthwatering anyone who tries them. This candies are from the well-known mexican brand of candies "Dulces Tipicos" and contain...

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  • Package with 1 kg of delicious mango flavored gummies from the well-known and popular brand of candies "Chompy's".

    Chompys "Manguito" Gummies 1 kg

    This are some delicious jelly gummies from the well known brand of candies "Chompy's". This new product come with the rich semi spongy and chewy textures as any gummy as well as the delicious fruity flavors of "Mangoes" with the special mexican touch of...

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  • This are small ball-shaped jelly gummies flavored with the rich fruity and tropical essence of mango and covered in a thin layers of spicy chili powder. Package with twenty delicious and individually wrapped pices of small mango flavored gummies by the well-known mexican brand of candies "Zumba Pica".

    Zumba Pica Goma Mango 20-Pieces Pack

    This delicious candy known as "Goma" is a jelly gummy flavored with the rich essence of mangoes and with a thin layer of spicy chili powder in it's surface. The gummy is a small ball wrapped with a piece of cellophane that contains everysingle piece of...

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  • This are the most delicious gummies flavored with tasty fruity essences and the spiciness of small particles of spicy chili powder. The gummies come with the most creative and cute shape of little bears and the most tasty combination of flavors. The "Crazy Gummy Bears" are delicious and small jelly gummies with rich fruity flavors and a thin layer of spicy chili powder on top that gives it a really rich touch of spiciness.

    Ravi Crazy Gummy "Bears" 12-Pieces Pack

    "Crazy Gummy Bears" by the well-known brand of candies "Ravi" are small and delicious jelly gummies in the curious shape of little bears. This tasty gummies have and amazing soft and chewy texture as well as a delicious combination of fruity flavors such...

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  • "Frutitas" are delicious gummies with sugary textures on the surface and chewy consistecys on the inside. The rich gummies come with fruity flavors such as grapes, strawberries, oranges and pineapples.

    Lucky Gummy Frutitas 2.2 lb Aprox (1 klg)

    The "Frutitas" from the well-known brand of candies "Lucky", are small and delicious gummies with fruity flavors and curious fruit shapes. This small gummies come with the rich flavors of oranges, grapes, strawberry and pineapple as well as the pretty...

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  • Delicious package full of the best and more tasty mixture of "Alteño" gummies. This package comes with strawberry, mango and many other fruity flavored gummies.

    Alteno GomiPica MIX Vitrolero 2.64 lbs

    This are delicious strawberry/ watermelon gummies known as "Gomi Pica" from the mexican brand of candies "Alteño". The rich gummies have a chewy and soft consistency and fruity and spicy flavors mostly to the fruit essences and the thin layers of...

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  • Tasty strawberry flavored ball shaped gummies form the mexican brand of candies "Zumba Pica". This are delicious small gummies with a thin layer of spicy chili powder. Bag with twenty individually wrapped ball-shaped gummies with the delicious and fruity flavor of strawberries and the spicy touch of chili powder sprinkled on it's surface.

    Zumba Pica Goma Fresa 20-Piece Pack

    The "Pica Gomas" or better known in english as "Spicy Gummies" are delicious gummies made with a chewy consistency and a really tasty strawberry essence flavor. This gummy has the rich Mexican touch of spice thanks to the thin layer of spicy chili powder...

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  • "GoMara" from the mexican brand of candies "Mara", are delicious and small ball shaped gummies with a spongy and chewy texture. This delicious gummies are flavored with a sweet and fruity essence of strawberries and it's surface is covered with a thin spicy layer of chili powder. Package with delicious ball shaped gummies that are flavored with srawberry essence. The gummies known as "GoMara" belong to the "Mara" brand of candies.

    Mara GoMara Fresa Chile 100-Pieces Pack

    "GoMara" are delicious and tiny gummies from the mexican brand of candies "Mara". This delicious gummies are flavored with the fruity and sweet flavor of strawberries and are shaped with a circular form. The surface of the gummy are covered with layers...

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