Mix Candy

Assorted Mexican candies to fill up a piñata.  Different brands with assorted candies like gum mix, filled lollipops, hard candies, and chocolate.

  • Delicious package with three fruity flavored hard candy lollipops. That have a touch of spiciness.

    Vero Combo Mix 5-Pieces Pack

    Delicious bag with a 5 pieces per pack candies. This are delicious assorted caramel candies with flavors such as mango, watermelon and tamarind that have a sweet, fruity and spicy touch in it. Disclaimer While we strive to obtain accurate product...

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  • Package with 1.4 kilograms of delicious assorted mexican candies that you can share with friends and family or to enjoy all by yourself.

    Las Delicias Piñatero 1.4 kg

    The "Piñatero" from the mexican brand of candies "Las Delicias" is a big bag of 1.4 kilograms with delicious mexican assorted candies such as lollipops, caramels, hard candies, cookies and many other delicious sweets that are perfect for any kind...

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  • Delicious mix of mexican candies perfect for the mexican holiday known as "Día de los Muertos" from the brand of candies Vero.

    Vero Dia de los Muertos Mix 1.5 kg

    Every year we celebrate "El Día de Muertos" also know as "Day of the Dead" in México. This celebration is one of the most waited holidays for mexican people and that's why we bring the "Día de Muertos" mix of candies from the...

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  • Hard caramels with the shape of small balls. The "Chilibonchas" are delicious caramels flavored with the essences of cantaloupe, watermelon, mango and pineapple and with subtle layers of spicy chili powder. Package with seventy individually wrapped caramel balls. These delicious hard candies come with the rich fruity flavors of mango, watermelon and pineapple.

    Karla Chilibonchas Mix 70-Piece Pack

    The mexican brand of candies "Karla" brings the newest and most delicious candy known as "Chilibonchas" in its "Mix" presentation. This delicious candies are small ball-shape caramels flavored with the fruity essences of watermelon, mango and pineapples...

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  • Moreliates brings the traditional small packages of "Ate". This are delicious fruity pulp squares of perón, guava, tejocote and quince. 16.9 onces full of sweet and fruity flavors and soft and sugary textures. This are small fruit pulp squares sprinkle with tiny grains of sugar. The Moreliate squares of "Ate" are some of the most traditional and typical candies from mexico.

    Moreliates Ate Cuadritos 16.9 Oz

    This candy is known as the "Moreliates Cuadritos" that are made of candy "Ate" flavored with 100% natural fruity pulp essences such as Perón, guava, tejocote and quince. This soft candies are sprinkle in its surface with subtle grains of sugar...

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  • Paque Festejes by Hershey has a delicious mix of mexican candies of the most popular bands in Mexico such as Pelon and Crayon. This package has a great variety of strawberry, tamarind, salt and lemon, watermelon and hot chili flavors.

    Hershey Paque Festejes 60-Pieces Pack

    Paque Festejes by Hershey is a delicious mix of mexican candies including some of the most recognized brands in Mexico such as Pelon and Crayon. You can find a great variety of candies with different flavors such as strawberry, tamarind, salt and lemon,...

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